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Samanda Morales

I’m Samanda.

I use my more than 20 years of experience in financial services and wealth building to teach others how to take control of their money and build their own pathway to wealth.

I started my journey at 17, working at a clothing store to pay for college and my bills. But my lack of understanding of the financial system and money management left me unprepared to handle life’s unforeseen circumstances. When I was 25, my mother passed away from cancer. There was a funeral to pay for, but zero dollars in the bank. My husband and I maxed out a credit card to cover the expenses of my unexpected loss.

The lack of financial preparation hurt us but also taught us many lessons. One of those lessons was that we needed to take control of our money and build sustainable wealth.

Wealth does not necessarily equate to materialistic possessions. Wealth can mean peace of mind knowing that you can pay for your child’s education, afford groceries, take a well-deserved vacation, or pay your monthly bills comfortably with cash to spare.

If I was able to do it, you can too!

Your Personal Financial Advisor & Money coach

Anyone who wants to improve their financial situation, grow their money, and achieve their own version of wealth in America can do so with discipline, knowledge, and the right tools. Knowledge is power. But knowledge is only powerful if you know how to apply it. Teaching others how to manage money and reach financial success is my passion! As a Registered Investment Advisor and Financial Coach, I do not sell financial products or insurance as part of my services. I am 100% dedicated to my client’s personal and financial interests.

So, please contact me to find out how to achieve your goals and financial objectives.

No more waiting!

My goal is to help you…

Improve your financial situation, grow your money, and achieve your own version of wealth.

I believe that…

Anyone can build wealth with the right knowledge and tools.

My greatest priority is…

Meeting you where you are in your financial journey and creating a personalized plan to achieve your goals!

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Kind Words

Samanda amazed me with her blend of resourcefulness and expertise. She is exceptionally well-versed in personal finance and a technical whiz when it comes to highly detailed and customizable spreadsheets that lay everything out beautifully.”

– Chris

I cannot thank Samanda enough for the incredible support and guidance she has provided me on my financial journey. As a small business owner, I struggled to navigate the complexities of budgeting, cash flow management, and personal finance planning.”

– Angela

I have the pleasure of working with Samanda and it has been a transformative experience. She took the time to understand my financial goals and tailored a personalized spending and savings plan that met my needs.”

– Thiara

Samanda is more than a financial advisor; she is a money mastermind. She helped me transform the way I think about money and empowered me to proactively manage and grow every dollar I earn”

– Juan

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