Ongoing Financial Planning

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A financial plan should always align with your unique financial goals, needs and circumstances. In other words, your plan should focus on what your money can accomplish today and long term, whether you’re preparing to buy your dream home, living a comfortable lifestyle, saving for college, or investing, we help you achieve a planned and purposeful journey.

Financial planning isn’t just about a set of numbers; it is about achieving your goals and navigating through life’s uncertainties, such as economic shocks. The fact is that individuals with a written financial plan are more empowered and in control of their financial future.

Our ongoing financial planning service involves a collaborative partnership, where we work closely with you over time. Together, we craft and execute a comprehensive financial plan, with regular reviews and adjustments to ensure it remains relevant as your circumstances and objectives evolve.

By working on an ongoing basis with us, you’ll benefit from monthly updates and check-ins during the initial six months, followed by quarterly check-ins thereafter. The goal is to build consistency in order to see results!

Samanda Morales

Your journey starts now!

I will work with you to select specific areas to cover. These areas may include, but are not limited to, the following:


Financial goals setting & prioritization

Cash Flow Planning

Education Planning

Investment Management


Budgeting and debt management strategies

Retirement Planning

Tax Planning Strategies

Are you ready to?


Overcome financial challenges


Build financial confidence


Prepare for unexpected expenses